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Nevo David

Oct 14, 2023

Over the last ten years, as a developer, I needed to implement reactions in different contexts multiple times.

And while this seemed like an easy task, many things were missing and took a long time to implement.

I have never considered building a product like that to save development time. However, after working for Novu for almost two years, I realized that people make different products with many features.

Sometimes, those features look like a whole new product, which takes too much time.

Targeting developers and open-source

This product can easily be marketed for marketing people or product people. But in the end, the main problem goes to the engineer, who needs to decide how to solve it. That’s why I love to solve engineers’ problems.

With open-source, it’s even easier as engineers appreciate the openness and transparency of the company.

Clickvote is not just an open-source but a community for engineers.

Creating a New Market

There are no competitors for Clickvote (there was one, but it looks inactive now).
That makes everything 10x harder. It means that we have to educate the market to use our product. That’s not something I am not familiar with. I have done it also for Novu.

However, market education takes time and money, and we are bootstrapping the whole thing.

Open-source is hot right now, and as the creator of GitHub20k, I feel like we can actually do it.

Build vs. Buy (or not buy)

The more we can create awareness over Clickvote, the more businesses will use our service, but I also think we can bring new companies that never thought about using something like Clickvote.

The big aim is not necessarily to bring B2C business types (such as Facebook) but also B2B businesses that would like to implement Clickvote for their customers’ dashboards, learn new stuff about them, or interact with them.

Finding a Product-Market-Fit

Honestly, I hope we get there. At the moment, the only adoption we have is the community. I hope to get the first customer within 5-6 months. Real PMF can take years, but Ramen Profitability can be achieved in a year.

Do you think we can do it? :)

Big Star

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