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Perfect for testing and small projects

$0 / mo

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1,000 reactions per month

1,000 max views counter per context

1 domain

2 environments (across all domains)

Basic analytics

All features included

Community Support

Applications ML insights

Public fingerprint support

API Access


Pro reactions

Live support

Customer Success


Perfect for mid size projects

$50 / mo

Get Started

10,000 reactions per month

5,000 max views counter per context

2 domains

6 environments (across all domains)

Pro analytics (30 days log retention)

All features included


1 Integration (HTTP requests)

2 Pro Reactions

API Access (10 requests per minute)

Applications ML insights

Public fingerprint support

Customer Success


Perfect for large projects

$100 / mo

Get Started

50,000 reactions per month

25,000 max views counter per context

3 domains

15 environments (across all domains)

Public fingerprint support

Pro analytics (90 days retention)

API Access (50 requests per minute)

All features included

5 Integrations


Customer Success

4 Pro reactions

Applications ML insights


Perfect for enterprise grade projects

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SSO Support


Custom SLA’s

Enterprise Support

White labeling

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a trigger event?

A trigger event (also called an event) is a request that kicks off a process in ClickVote logic engine (API call to /v1/events/trigger for example). A trigger event can make many different types of actions, including digests, delays, and sending notifications to various channels, as well filters and user preference checks. You are charged for trigger event that starts a process in the logic engine for each unique subscriber.

What is a notification?

A notification is any message sent over any channel, after ClickVote logic engine, ClickVote user preferences, and your configuration calculated and crafted the message. A notification can be sent to an email, In-App notification center, chat, push, and more.

What are the differences between ClickVote Cloud and Open Source?

ClickVote Open source is a technology available under an MIT license, build and maintained by ClickVote community. You can adapt it to your needs, contribute, or simply use docker files and run it. ClickVote Cloud is a managed service run, managed, and maintained by ClickVote, Cloud version is scalable and robust by design, including uptime SLAs, and more business-facing features, that are not available under the Open Source version.

Can I send more than 1 million events a month on ClickVote Cloud?

Yes, you absolutely can. Our managed cloud system was built to scale with your usage, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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